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Poytara is a company of Grupo Maxifarma (Maxifarma Group), located in the interior of São Paulo. Our mission is to make nutritional food for fish and reptiles, respecting and living in harmony with nature. We invest in scientific research and technological advances to offer best food to each species. Our name comes from the indigenous tupi-guarani term "poitara", which means "the one who gives food". The letter 'y' represents the change of ingredients in the process of food making, without losing nutritional essence in each one of them.
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Incredibly redesigned, our FISH line was elaborated to cover all nutritional needs of several fish species. The new ingredients create a richer composition, help the digestion and attract fish. And all that with no artificial components: exclusively from nature to nature.


The Line was divided in two categories. The first one is destined for aquatic animals, which includes growing freshwater turtles. The second is made for jabutis (a tortoise species). Eating habits of both carnivores that use fat and protein as source of energy and herbivores that use carbohydrate and fiber were taken into consideration.


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  • I have recently started using Poytara's feed for tropical ornamental fish everyday. The result was amazing! The water doesn't get turbid and smelly and it was a solution to fish feeding problem, since I have a community aquarium. All fish are fed and there are no leftovers. Great performance! Congratulations to Poytara's team! Your products are great! Amazing!
    Jocer Souza de Ramos
  • Excellent quality not missing out on anything compared to imported brands.
    Gomes Marina
  • Feed quality is great in its composition and fish acceptance! In my oppinion, there's no doubt that it is as good as imported brands, with the advantage of being local and having an incredible finish even in the packaging. I totally recommend it!
    Rafael Augusto
  • Excellent feed, both for amazonian freshwater and sea aquarium. Fish are really healthy! I strongly recommend it. Way to go, Poytara!
    Eric Numata

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Av. Antônio Carvalho Neto, 58 - Chácara Flora,
Araraquara - SP | CEP 14805-325