The family group that started Poytara was from the interior state of São Paulo, and Poytara's roots are in the area of ​​rural entrepreneurship since its beginning. Ornamental pisciculture was one of the entrepreneurial foundations of the family, which is why its members were born and grew up in contact with aquariums and ornamental fish ponds. The family, always concerned about protecting nature, also developed maintenance and breeding activities of a wide range of native and exotic birds.

The constant care for animals and the contact with nature always led the way for the family, and the activity that once was a hobby gradually turned into a profession. Since then, the group has begun intensive work in the breeding and commercialization of ornamental fish and has developed a structure, through commitment and direct initiative of the first director of the company that, in 1996, professionally invested his time and financial resources in these activities, encouraged by the family history, the ideal of joint development and the easy implementation of the system in the family's rural property.

In no time, a beautiful ornamental fish distribution structure had been set up, serving the stores of the State of São Paulo. From that point on, there was an intesification of reproductive activity of ornamental species and an increase of necessity for a food that resulted in higher fertility rate, vitality, animal conversion rate and that accentuated the color, brightness and liveliness with longevity guarantee.

At that time, the initial group already counted on specialized technical support and on research and scientific experiments, besides the experiments that were carried out in the family enterprise. The group then developed formulations that had in them the requirements to meet the nutritional needs of the reproduced and commercialized species - both imported and native, and also the ones reproduced by partners and friends from all over Brazil, who carried out the same activity. The food showed excellent results and the news were quickly spread.

Suggestions of a commercial launch were frequent and the group embraced the idea. Finally, in 2005, the opening of Poytara happened at Pet South America. In 2008, as a result of the initial work, Poytara made new partnerships and the company expanded. Since then, extensions and enhancements have become frequent in order to always do an excellent job! Our biggest goal is to take care of your pet!

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